The Amusiacs with guest vocals from Lydia Lunch at the Lexington, London, at Lydia's XXXMas gig, 28 Dec 2012

The Amusiacs play Hostile at the Lexington, London 28 December 2012:

The Amusiacs play Dire For The Soul at the Underbelly, Hoxton, 20 October 2012:

The Amusiacs play I'm a Spy at Lydia Lunch's Verbalesque alldayer at the Lexington, London on 27 August 2012.
Thanks to SuperDid for the videos! 


The Amusiacs raising the dead at Abney Cemetery, Stoke Newington on 18 August 2012, with Sack the Rule and Candy Kisses:


The Amusiacs play Tighten Up! at the Shacklewell Arms, 8 July 2012:


The Amusiacs play Boss Drag at the Lexington, London on 5 May 2012:


The Amusiacs play Last Night live at the Lexington, London on 18 April 2012:


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