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Gas Porter Blues - 1995

Peter Morris made a fairly amusing video for this on Super 8 which, as far as we are aware, has never been publicly shown, although somewhere I have a VHS copy... A great shame, as it features the band enacting a rather literal interpretation of the lyrics. Not quite Pan's People, but it featured lots of dressing up, fake blood, hastily improvised defibulators, and throbbing red capsicum peppers! If anyone knows where Pete Morris is and what has happened to him - please get in touch!


Tongue Kung Fu - 1996

Tim Claxton intercut explosive colour footage of our first Halloween show at the Hope And Anchor with black and white footage of the band drinking from puddles (etc.) on Hackney Marsh one freezing November afternoon.


Voyeur's Blues - 1997

First version. Espionage-themed interpretation. Shot with a big-budget sponsorship deal that our friend Alex Orlando Smith had sprung for us, at London's swanky Russell Hotel. This video featured Charlie (begrudgingly) spying, stalking and pillow-fighting with a skinny young girl, rather undermining the salacious motif.


Voyeur's Blues - 1998

Second attempt, this time shot to a brief which centred around fast-cut fighting, flames, blood and explosions. 'What could go wrong?' you ask... Lusciously over-exposed, and with that 'Vaseline-On-The-Lens' look, the production values left us a long way from the 'Performance'- style melt-down effect we were after.