Trazing a new blail

The Amusiacs pour Gin Palace's toying snarl and confrontational skree over the Jooks Of Kent's belligerent holler and filthy blues punk swagger, and add in homemade experimental guitars, percussives & dirt boxes for the full sonic assault.

Jon Free (ex Gin Palace, Penthouse), Meaghan Free (ex Gin Palace), Tim Ray Rogers (ex Jooks of Kent, Stewed) and Scarlett Rickard (ex Jooks of Kent, Deltonics): two hen-pecked jibbering savant guitarists having the rugs pulled out from under them by their treacherous wives.

Pushing guitar beyond its acceptable limits, the Amusiacs chuck etiquette out of the window, throwing fuzz bass and caustic feedback into primitive rhythms with a tin-edged resonance and plenty of attitude. Variously described as "Pussy Galore meets Nancy & Lee" and "The Electric Eels at their nastiest".

We eat silence for breakfast.




"Fantastic!" - Gallon Drunk

"Noisy noise" - Sterling Free

"F**king awesome - putting the cock in cacophany" - Delaney Davidson

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