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Timothy Charles Finke - Vocals/Mouth Organ

The young Timothy started out playing bass guitar (under nom-de-pluck Charlie Noss)and stealing cheap burgers in parochial indie-grungers THE HINNIES (several singles/EPs incl. 'TFFT', 'Doodle', 'Capri Woman', 'Godless', and one album 'Dead Four' on Bad Girl, 1991-2). The bands highest (or lowest) point came supporting BLUR for an entire European Tour, but the charismatic face behind the pretty blue bass had other, non-musical, goals...

Mr. Finke established himself a profitable and upright motorcycle importing/exporting business in the early 1990s, with many satisfied customers. Charlie would like it to be made clear that he was not incarcerated for any impropriety related to this business, as was erroneously and libellously reported in the UK press.

However, when the time eventually came for Charlie's reintegration into society, former Hinnies drummer Jim Mattison, wishing to find his old friend gainful employment to keep him out of any more trouble, and with the best of intentions, introduced him to a band he had been promoting gigs for... an as yet un-named instrumental three-piece band... searching for a frontman...

Charlies hobbies include nailing things onto his boat, undoing things on his motorbike, tickling Trout in fresh water, and walking Jack the dog (R.I.P.)

He can also often be seen WOW!-ing them at Sonny Mann's Country and Western Karaoke at The Vortex, Church St., Stoke Newington on the first Sunday of every month


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