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Timothy Alexander Cedar - Drums and Keyboards

After spending his formative years with Proto-Stoners 'THE FURY THINGS' ('Love Sick EP' 12" released on Cheree 1990), The young Cedar found a seat behind Croydon's hardest-rocking Librarians, 'LOVEBLOBS' (recording one John Peel session and two 12" EPs, 'Congealed' and 'Pehistoric Extraction' for WIIIJA 1991-2).

Filling Bob Bert's sizeable shoes, this man-mountain then went on to propel Ned Hayden's high-octane ACTION SWINGERS on their UK tour (circa '93), also featuring heavily on their 'Complete London Toe-Rag Sessions' CD.

Trading the anonymity of the drummer for the anonymity of the singer, Timmy's next move was to instigate slouch-rock terrorists LIGAMENT, notching up a slurry of singles and compilation appearances, another John Peel Session, plus the 'Good Cop, Indifferent Cop' 10" and 'Kind Deeds' Album for The Flower Shop 1994-6. (A re-activated LIGAMENT also produced 1999's 'Halfway Between St. Juan and Mendoza' Album for the Kitty Kitty Corporation)

But presumably being paid and adored for screaming like a baby and ruining perfectly innoffensive guitars held only a fleeting appeal for the man, as he soon started moonlighting as drummer for PENTHOUSE (1994-2002).

Tim's punishing 'concrete heaviosity' (courtesy Metal Hammer) was an oft-overlooked essential in the Penthouse sound, and it is with great sorrow that I must record that he is no longer back where he belongs... at the back, whittling sticks down to stumps behind the twisted metal and splintered remains of a drumkit... For shame!

Update Summer 2001 - The latest of Tim's distractions is 'IRON KAT', with various Quickspacers filling out the line-up. Although touted as a one-off, the reaction to their first show was so hostile that they have resolved to make the outfit a going concern. Watch press for details!

After the ignominous dissolution of BEARDHEAD (ZZ Top songs in the style of BedHead) (one track on a compilation maybe from Italy?), Tim has now regrouped with Jon Hamilton from Ligament for a band called 'PART CHIMP'


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