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Graeme Ichabod Flynn - Lead Baritone Guitar (1994-1999)

Graeme left school a County athlete, but hopes of international sporting victories were dashed when he cycled over a one foot wall in a field whilst on drugs, leaving him with the permanent, yet inconsistent, back injury we know and love him for (symptoms are particularly excruciating at load-in times, but seems to go into sudden remission when dodgy old boilers want to be raised up on his hairy shoulders).

Flynn's musical history is clouded in the mists of time, but from what I can gather, sometime in the late 1970's he was in a band that never recorded or gigged but got a photo (taken in a photobooth) printed in the Melody Maker.

Other bands he has had a part in are still revered in hushed tones around Aylesbury's pubs and clubs... Bands like THE SCABS, TEXAS KIPPER AND THE FISH (?), SNAKE ANGEL, THE BRIDES OF JESUS and many more.

BUGSHIFTER I did manage to see. They were a truly amazing meeting of Bo Diddley and Pharaoh Sanders - like Gallon Drunk playing Miles Davis. Graeme was on bass and Stuart Ness was singing., and both were poached for Penthouse.

Sadly, Graeme was 'Squeezed Out' of the band during the recording of the second Penthouse album, and dramatically quit onstage (well, on a stool) at the Princess Charlotte in Leicester, mere days after it's release.

Rumours (from impeccably credible sources) have reached us that he has:-

          1. joined Primal Scream
          2. joined the Wu-Tang Clan. Rehearsals with Ol' Dirty Bastard are currently underway in Aylesbury
          3. joined the Melvins for an acoustic show at the Hope 'n' Anchor
          4. replaced Sly Stone in George Clinton's touring band
          5. formed a close-vocal-harmony rock group with some of Thee Hypnotics, called 'BLACK MOSES', after an ISAAC HAYES album
          6. been signed to POPTONES' management company, who have made them change their name to 'LICENSED TO DESTROY!!!'
          7. struck a lucrative deal with STUART NESS (previously of Bugshifter and Penthouse)'s Swedish record label, LUNASOUND
          8. a job delivering fish at Billingsgate market and is getting married to a girl who likes the smell.
          9. Now divorced from said lady. Further gossip as i hear it...


We wish him well in his new endeavours



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