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Jonathan Marshall Free - Guitar etc

After cutting his (rather bizarre) teeth with flowery losers THE DAFFODILS (1987-8), Jon jumped ship to join moody losers THE PUSHKINS (1988-91), whilst also moonlighting on drums and guitar for angry losers MOIST (1990-94), (One self-released cassette-only album 'Face Pack', 1992. 100 copies).

MOIST had played a few shows with Tim's band LOVEBLOBS, and also with Graeme's band BUGSHIFTER, who had themselves seen Tim playing on the ACTION SWINGERS tour. Upon the simultaneous, but unrelated break-up of each of our respective bands, a chance meeting between Jon and Graeme at LIGAMENT'S first gig was the start of our resignation to the inevitable formation of Penthouse...



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Charlie Finke - Vocals | Tim Cedar - Drums | Esme MacDonald - Bass | Graeme Flynn - Bass