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last updated March 2021


In 2007 Gin Palace recorded a ferocious second album "Amusia" for release on Blast First (Petite):

"Gin Palace "X12" PTYT 012 - Mini Album “Externally, Internally, Eternally” Out 8th March 2008 (sic) - 12 super heated nano blasts of sonicly debauched guitar and drums that lifts your skirts higher than they should be, while la diva in a dress, Meaghan Wilkie licks your mind real clean..... Living proof that a song less than 120 seconds long IS an art form, and well and truly more than enough time to re-colour your world." - from Blast First website, 2008

Unfortunately, circumstances lead to the album's release being cancelled at the final Mastering stage. The masters were believed lost, but a sole CD copy was recently discovered!

These tracks have remained unheard for too long, so today we have made 'Amusia' available as part of the 'Conscientious Objections', along with related unissued bonus material.



In 2009 Gin Palace recorded a very different third album, 'Drownland'; a stripped-down, introspective affair: live improvised acoustic recordings made outdoors in Melbourne, Australia. 'Drownland' was performed live only once in St. Mary's 16th century Church as part of the N16 Fringe Festival in London 2009.

'Drownland' will soon be made available on the Gin Palace bandcamp page!



Meaghan & Jon emigrated to Melbourne in 2013, and founded THE FREES but hope to continue writing and recording long-distance as The Amusiacs (with Tim and Scarlett of Folkestone's The Jooks Of Kent)

Stuart remains in London, and plays drums with Dethscalator and Sex Swing


Since 2008 Jon has also been building experimental Tin-Tone Guitars and playing them with The Cesarians and the Tin-Tone Army, and in 2019 released his first solo album 'Spiralling' which was performed entirely on the Tin-Tone.





Before recording the Amusia album, Gin Palace demoed 10 tracks at Tim Cedar (Penthouse/Part Chimp)'s DROPOUT studio. We were the first band to record in the new studio... One of these came out on a Silver Rocket compilation album, another on a Pushing Pussy comp. If anyone else needs a track for a compilation let us know!



Outside Buffalo Bar -  pic by Claire

Having previously been pictured in THE FACE's '15 bands to watch out for' special, we were also selected for ALTERNATIVE PRESS' recent "100 bands you need to know about" feature!

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