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Photo by Natalie Cook


10th January 2003 - LONDON, Stoke Newington, Ryan’s Bar with Stef And Arno

1st February 2003 - LONDON, Islington, Hope ‘n’ Anchor with The Dirty Switches, Il Monstro, and Mantarays

22nd February 2003 - LONDON, Shoreditch, Spitz at Catch-22 with Twinkie, and Econoline

4th March 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar, ARTROCKER with The Grips

15th March 2003 - LONDON, Islington, Hope ‘n’ Anchor with Forcis, The Beale, The Rebel, and Michael Dracula

22nd March 2003 - BRIGHTON, Hanbury Ballroom with Monkey Island

8th April 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar, ARTROCKER with Pig Iron Joe

23rd April 2003 - LONDON, Shoreditch, On The Rocks with They Came From The Sea, and Portacrush 500

24th April 2003 - LONDON, Camden, Barfly at The Monarch with The Black Keys, and The A-Lines

26th April 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar, CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES CLUB with Kaito, and The Loves

7th May 2003 - LONDON, Oxford St., The Metro, Rock 'n' Roll Club with Bob Log III, and Country Teasers

10th May 2003 - LONDON, Stoke Newington, Octopad with The Hells, and Tall For A Midget

4th June 2003 - 'gLASS sHRIMP' show, RESONANCE 104.4 FM - Live Session plus Interview

7th June 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar, GLASS SHRIMP club with Eftus Spectum, and The Nuge.

14th June 2003 - LONDON, Stoke Newington, The Eye FRINGE FESTIVAL 2003 with The Nazralites, Monkey Island, The Greenbacks, Tall For A Midget, Skull Disco, and Malcolm Joseph.

24th June 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar, ARTROCKER with The Hells

3rd July 2003 - LONDON, Tufnell Park, Boston Arms Dirty Water Club with Modey Lemon and The Turrets

10th July 2003 - BATH, Moles with The Hells, Mr David Viner and Terrashima

11th July 2003 - NOTTINGHAM, Rescue Rooms with The Hells, Mr David Viner and The Grips

12th July 2003 - LEEDS, Joseph's Well with Four Day Hombre, The Hells, Mr David Viner and The Koreans

13th July 2003 - BRIGHTON, Freebutt with The Hells, Mr David Viner and Actress Hands

26th July 2003 - LONDON, Kentish Town, Bull & Gate A GUIDED MISSILE NIGHT with Country Teasers, Kill Kill Kill, and Mighty Fraff

5th August 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar ARTROCKER with Forcis

7th August 2003 - LONDON, Bethnal Green, 291 Gallery Vaudeville Club with The Cribs

14th August 2003 - LONDON, Shoreditch, THE SPITZ with The Legend! and The Playwrights

18th August 2003 - LONDON, Oxford Street, Metro CARELESS TALK COSTS LIVES club night with The Gossip, Kaito, and Wet Dog

21st August 2003 - LONDON, Aldgate East, Arts Cafe with Imperial Vipers and The Gems

30th August 2003 - CORNWALL, Tapestry Festival with The Arlenes, The Beatings, Pink Grease, Country Teasers, Alan Tyler, Part Chimp, Chineseburn, Redlands Palomino Company and others...

13th September 2003 - LONDON, Camden, Dublin Castle with The Electric Shocks and The Dirty Burds

28th September 2003 - LONDON, Stoke Newington, The Eye with The Hells and The Jealousies

30th September 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar ARTROCKER CLUB with Clambake, and B-Monster

2nd October 2003 - CORK, Half Moon with The Hells, Jeffrey Lewis, and Diane Cluck

3rd October 2003 - DUNDALK, Spirit Store with The Hells and The Gurriers

4th October 2003 - LIMERICK, High Stool with The Hells

5th October 2003 - DUBLIN, Whelans with The Hells and The Gurriers

9th October 2003 - LONDON, Whitechapel, Rhythm Factory with The Archie Bronson Outfit and The Urban Voodoo Machine

23rd October 2003 - NEW YORK, Brooklyn, THE HOOK with ALTERNATIVE TV, Dan Melchior's BROKE REVUE, Brilliant Mistakes, Stalkers and The Hells

25th October 2003 - NEW YORK CITY, CBGB's with The Flash Express, Two Tears and The Hells

26th October 2003 - PHILADELPHIA, Pontiac Grille with Trouble Everyday, Twenty Seven Dead, and The Hells

27th October 2003 - NEW YORK CITY, Sin-e Artrocker NY with The Two Tears, Red Card, The Phobes and The Hells

12th November 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Upstairs at The Garage with Speedball Baby

13th November 2003 - LONDON, Brixton, The Windmill with The Mean Streaks and The Hung Jury

13th December 2003 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, The Garage ARTROCKERS of the Year with The Rocks, The Hells, Lomax, and Punish The Atom


16th January 2004 - LONDON, Tufnell Park, Boston Arms, DIRTY WATER CLUB with Jimmy & The Teasers

20th January 2004 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar ARTROCKER CLUB Plus screening of the ARTROCKER documentary film by Robert Marshall

13th February 2004 - MELBOURNE, The Tote with Bit By Bats, Starky, and BaseBall

14th February 2004 - MELBOURNE, St. Kilda, Esplanade Hotel with Fur Patrol, 67 Special, and Euphonic

19th February 2004 - MELBOURNE, Ding Dong Lounge with Bird Blobs

18th March 2004 - AUSTIN, TX. East Side Scootenanny, at Red's Scoot Inn with The Bigger Lovers, Dr. Pepper Family, The Hells, The Applicators, Shesus, Friends Of Dean Martinez, Blued, Gigantic, Metric, and Wan Santo Condo

19th March 2004 - AUSTIN, TX. The Jackalope South By South-West Festival with Faceless Werewolves, Shesus, The Hells and Fatal Flying Guilloteens

22nd March 2004 - PHILADELPHIA, Silk City Lounge with The Hells + Persona + Sonoma Aero

23rd March 2004 - NEW YORK CITY, Lit Lounge with The Hecklers and The Hells

24th March 2004 - NEW YORK CITY, CBGBs with Lowbrau, The Hells, Moisturizer and Fresh Kills

7th July 2004 - BRIGHTON, Po Na Na Souk Bar with Kaito, Selfish Cunt, and Blackwire

11th July 2004 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, The Garage with Kaito, Selfish Cunt, and Comanechi

17th July 2004 - LONDON, Camberwell, The Crypt with Electric Shocks

3rd August 2004 - LONDON, Mayfair, Infinity WHITE HEAT CLUB with Alice and the Enemies and Nameless Grace

9th August 2004 - NORWICH Arts Centre with Kaito, Blackwire, and The Asleep

14th August 2004 - LONDON, Hackney, Ocean JOYFEST with thisGIRL / The Rocks / X Is Loaded / Neils Children / Ludes / Gin Palace / Special Needs / We Will Be Pilots / Bikini Atoll / The Favours / The Long Blondes / The Vichy Government / Dustin's Bar Mitzvah / October All Over / The Schla La Las / Mika Bomb / Campag Velocet / The Violets / Art Brut / The Boyfriends / Three Children of Fortune / The International Karate Plus / New Rhodes / Rhesus / The Unstrung / Black Nielson / The Swear / Artichoke / Killers On Camera

27th August 2004 - LEEDS Festival with Kaito and The Rocks

1st October 2004 - BERLIN, Zentral with The Hells and Spitting Off Tall Buildings

13th October 2004 - 'gLASS sHRIMP' show, Resonance 104.4 FM - Live Session plus Interview

17th October 2004 - LONDON, The Garage Vortex Of Now : Three with Kaito, No Things and The Brakes

30th October 2004 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, The Garage with Bob Log III and Comanechi

3rd November 2004 - LONDON, Camden, Koko, Club NME with New Rhodes

5th November 2004 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar, Club Hell Yeah with The Insignificunts

15rd November 2004 - LONDON, Leicester Square, Marquee with Pink Grease, The Beatup and Comanechi

26th November 2004 - LONDON, Brixton, The Windmill, Loose Lips Sink Ships Club Night with Todd and Geisha

27th November 2004 - LONDON, W1, Mean Fiddler, Frog Club with The (International) Noise Conspiracy

7th December 2004 - XFM 104.9 live session for John Kennedy's X-Posure show

31st December 2004 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar ARTROCKER New Year's Eve Party with Electric Shocks and The Dirty


8th January 2005 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Upstairs at The Garage Club Motherfucker with Hooker and Go! Team! Go!

30th January 2005 - OXFORD, Zodiac with The Kills

31st January 2005 - BRIGHTON, Concorde 2 with The Kills

1st February 2005 - LEEDS, Cockpit with The Kills

2nd February 2005 - LONDON, Shoreditch, 93 Feet East iD Magazine night with RTX and Comanechi

4th February 2005 - LIVERPOOL, Academy with The Kills

9th February 2005 - LONDON, Electric Ballroom with The Kills

11th February 2005 - NOTTINGHAM, Rescue Rooms with The Kills

12th February 2005 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar, Guided Missile night with Country Teasers, Headless, Semi-Finalists, and Grimorio

1st March 2005 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar Artrocker Club with Coachwhips

5th March 2005 - UTRECHT, dBs with Stilettos

6th March 2005 - HAMBURG, Astrastube with Clara Bow

7th March 2005 - BERLIN, Haus 13 @ Pfefferberg with The Boggs and W.G.

8th March 2005 - LEIPZIG, Zoro with Masonne

10th March 2005 - KARLSRUHE, Schlachthof

11th March 2005 - PARIS, Glaz'art with Gülcher and Neïmo

12th March 2005 - KORTRJIK, The Pits

31st March 2005 - BRIGHTON, Free Butt with The Dirty and Mudlow

23rd April 2005 - LONDON, Dalston, Bardens Boutique with The Reverend Beat-Man

2nd May 2005 - CARDIFF, Clwb Ifor Bach with Weird War and King Alexander

15th May 2005 - LONDON, Mean Fiddler with Alec Empire and MotorMark

9th June 2005 - LONDON, Islington, The Elbow Room with The Martini Henry Rifles, Jeremy Warmsley, Technically Men plus DJs - Art Brut

20th June 2005 - WAKEFIELD, Escobar, Louder Than Bombs Club with Camel One

16th July 2005 - BELGIUM, Rock Herk Festival with Hulk, Stretch Arm Strong, Hood, Brant Bjork And The Bros, Help She Can’t Swim, Isis, Supersuckers, I Am Kloot, Millionaire, Nid & Sancy, Dr. Lektroluv, Troublelovesus, Death Before Disco, Lost in Rhone, Addactionlistener(this), and Zero Mentality

17th July 2005 - LONDON W1 Borderline, Tin Pan Alley Festival aftershow party with Good Shoes, Why Lout? and Comanechi

23rd July 2005 - HASTINGS, Brass Monkey, Not The Same Old Blues Crap with Mudlow and Le Fretzo Getso

19th August 2005 - NORWICH, Ferryboat Inn, Not The Same Old Blues Crap with Black Moses

20th August 2005 - PETERBOROUGH, Charter's Cafe Bar, Not The Same Old Blues Crap meets The Cockroach Club with Catweezel

7th October 2005 - CARDIFF, Dempsey's Irish Bar with The Epaulettes

25th October 2005 - LONDON, CAMDEN, Barfly ARTFUL UNCONVENTION - STORMING! THE PALACE rock extravaganza with The Needles, The Swear and Your Vegas

9th December 2005 - LONDON, CAMDEN Barfly DIRTY SOUNDS Christmas Party with White Man Kamikaze and Lupen Crook


17th January 2006 - LIVE SESSION on London's Resonance 104.4 FM as part of Joe Cushley's 'Balling The Jack' show

19th January 2006 - LONDON, The Spitz with King Automatic, Chicken Legs Weaver and The Woodsmen

28th January 2006 - EDINBURGH, The Cabaret Voltaire with The Nukes

29th January 2006 - GLASGOW, Stereo with The Low Miffs and Bricolage

18th February 2006 - READING, Rising Sun Arts Centre with Desdemona and Army Of Pygmies

24th March 2006 - ITALY, ANCONA, Thermos with Drunken Butterfly

25th March 2006 - ITALY, FALCONARA, CSA Kontatto

6th April 2006 - LONDON, Shoreditch, The Spitz SPITZ FESTIVAL OF BLUES with Deltahead

14th April 2006 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar with Todd and August Star Of Heaven

15th April 2006 - BELGIUM, Kortijk, The Pits

16th April 2006 - BELGIUM, Liege, Carlo-Lévi with Seasick and The Electric Ladies Blues

18th August 2006 - WAKEFIELD, Escobar Louder Than Bombs with The Sugars, Dirty Robbers  and The Halogens

19th August 2006 - NOTTINGHAM, Stealth Stealth Vs Rescued with Voxtrot

25th August 2006 - DENMARK, Sealand, Masnedø Fort GUTTER ISLAND FESTIVAL with The Defectors, C.A.P.S, The Goo Men, Deltahead, The Seatsniffers, Wild Wax Combo and The Fleshtones

26th August 2006 - GERMANY, Berlin, White Trash Fast Food with Jingo De Lunch

24th September 2006 - LONDON, Sunday Revelator at STOKEFEST with  D66, Weird Love, Honkey Finger, The Rosinators, The Surgens, The Fabulous Penetrators, Blood Safari, Chinese Lungs and Bikini Beach Band

7th October 2006 - LONDON, Stoke Newington gLASS sHRIMP Praxis Warehouse with The Rebel, Le Couteau Jaune, Sculpture, Japaneseintelligencemindcontrol, Hurricane Gordon, Hypnotic Hilarity, Joe Naylor, and Cherry Mash Cherry

8th October 2006 - LONDON, Elephant & Castle Corsica Studios with Gallon Drunk and Simon Breed


23rd February 2007 - LONDON, New Oxford St., The Fly with Young James Long

21st March 2007 - Live Radio Session on Glass Shrimp Show, Resonance 104.4FM

23rd March 2007 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar with Part Chimp and The Cesarians

12th April 2007 - NORWAY, HALDEN, Feelgood with Gringo Bandido

13th April 2007 - NORWAY, OSLO, Garage Rockfest Oslo with The Defectors, Caddy and Vom

14th April 2007 - NORWAY, TROMSO, Blarock with The Defectors, Caddy and The Love Cramps

16th April 2007 - DENMARK, Copenhagen, Stengade 30 with Heavy Trash

25th May 2007 - LONDON, Dalston, Bardens Boudoir with Vince Ray And The Boneshakers and The Jooks Of Kent

3rd July 2007 - LONDON, Shoreditch, Old Blue Last with Swankers and Ciara Haidar

5th July 2007 - FOLKESTONE, Chambers, The Juke Joint with The Jooks Of Kent

20th July 2007 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar with Die Munch Machine, UpCDownC and The International

2nd August 2007 - LONDON, Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes with South London Pistons

3rd August 2007 - LONDON, Brixton, The Windmill with D-66 and Dananananaykroyd

10th August 2007 - LONDON, Stoke Newington, The White Hart Stoke Newington Fringe Festival with Skull Disko, Sally Gamble, Plakka and Soapy Love Wash

11th August 2007 - WALES, Near Port Talbot, Margam Park Tapestry Goes West Festival

29th August 2007 - LONDON, Kilburn, The Good Ship with The Fabulous Penetrators, Playground Legend and Stuart Turner

29th September 2007 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar Club Mondo Go-Go hosted by The Actionettes

18th October 2007 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, Buffalo Bar with Monkey Island and The Jooks Of Kent

31st October 2007 - LONDON, Great Portland Street, 229 Glasswerks Halloween Party with Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Dirty, Mariachi, The Undercut and Nixa

22nd November 2007 - LONDON, Stoke Newington, Ryan's Bar with Rob K & Uncle Butcher and The Jooks Of Kent


23rd February 2008 - LONDON, Hoxton, The Macbeth with Dead Elvis and his One-Man-Grave and D-66

26th February 2008 - LONDON, Soho, PUNK with Mariachi and The Lovebirds

9th March 2008 - LONDON, Old Street, The Legion DICE CLUB with The Guillotines and Miss Cookie 'The Cutter' and The Old 88s

14th March 2007 - USA, TEXAS, AUSTIN, Blind Pig Pub Rooftop SXSW 2008 Festival

2nd May 2008 - LONDON, Stoke Newington, Bardens Boudoir with The Guillotines and The Woodsmen

22nd May 2008 - LONDON, Shoreditch, 93 Feet East with Country Teasers / The Rebel , The Jooks Of Kent and Black Mekon

7th June 2008 - LONDON, Shoreditch, Catch 'The Lab' with Thee Assassins and Jack Mountain


16th January 2009 - PORTUGAL, PORTO, Armazém do chá

17th January 2009 - PORTUGAL, LISBON, The Wonderland Club

7th March 2009 - FOLKESTONE, The Chambers Tim and Scarlett's Wedding Reception with The Jim Jones Revue

9th April 2009 - LONDON, CAMDEN, Jazz Cafe with Finlay Quaye

1st May 2009 - HASTINGS, Brass Monkey, Spittin Kitten with The Dublo and John Drain

22nd August 2009 - LONDON, Stoke Newington St. Mary's Old Church, N16 FRINGE FESTIVAL with John Drain & Charlie Hangdog and D-66

29th August 2009 - LONDON, Highbury Corner, BUFFALO BAR with The Mighty Roars and Toehammer

16th September 2009 - LONDON Islington, The Lexington with Heavy Trash